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The Office for Students with Disabilities provides services, in the form of academic accommodations, to students with all types of disabilities. Our counselors provide assistance and guidance to students in personal, academic, and career matters. We also have an Adaptive Resource Center where we provide testing accommodations as well as offer a range of assistive technology for students. In addition to providing services to students, we strive also to be a resource to faculty and staff.

Our Mission

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) is committed to the full inclusion of students with disabilities in the University community. OSD demonstrates its commitment to diversity and accessibility as well as informed and active citizenship by employing exemplary practices in disability counseling, assistive technology, alternative media, reasonable accommodations and the sharing of disability related information.

Assistive Technology

The Adaptive Resource Center (ARC) allows students with disabilities to access computer systems, information resources and on-line services, and provides students with tools for both alternate access to print material and for writing.

Adaptive Resource Center