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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

College of Science

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Tech sessions

January 18, 2019

Title:  Microscopic particle and mineral analysis by computer controlled scanning electron microscopy
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Hunt
Affiliation: UTA EES

January 25, 2019

Title:  Identifying and Planning for the Transportation Needs of Environmental Justice Populations
Speaker: Dr. Stephen Mattingly
Affiliation: UTA

February 1, 2019

Title:  The Conventional Unconventional Petroleum System: Impact of External Charge, Migration, and Trapping in Unconventional Resource Plays
Speaker: Dr. Michael Abrams
Affiliation: Imperial College London

February 8, 2019

Title:  Indoor air quality in buildings and its impact on occupants health and perception
Speaker: Dr. Yang-Seon Kim
Affiliation: Wichita State University

February 15, 2019

Title:  Paleozoic subsidence history and sediment dispersal patterns of the Fort Worth basin, U.S.A.
Speaker: Ms. Ohood Al Salem
Affiliation: UTA EES

February 22, 2019

Speaker: Dr. Christopher Scotese
Affiliation: Northwestern University

March 1, 2019

Title:  Providing drought information to support drought contingency planning in Texas
Speaker: Dr. Nelun Fernando
Affiliation: Texas Water Development Board

March 8, 2019

Title:  Coupling machine learning methods with agent-based modeling to model tumorigenesis
Speaker: Dr. Leili Shahriyari
Affiliation: UTA

March 22, 2019

Title:  Growing Cooler and Smarter: The role of Urban Development on Climate Change and the quality of life Impacts
Speaker: Dr. Shima Hamidi
Affiliation: UTA

March 29, 2019

Title:  Cancelled

April 5, 2019

Title:  Prenatal exposure to phthalates and autism spectrum disorder
Speaker: Dr. Hyeong-Moo Shin
Affiliation: UTA EES

April 12, 2019

Title:  -
Speaker: COS ACES
Affiliation: -

April 19, 2019

Title:  The Third Pillar of Science: Predictive Computing, from Cosmos to Cancer
Speaker: Dr. Amir Shahmoradi
Affiliation: UTA

April 26, 2019

Title:  Nano-petrophysics Studies of Shale Reservoirs: Connectivity, Wettability, and Tracer Migration
Speaker: Dr. Max Hu
Affiliation: UTA EES