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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

College of Science

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Tech sessions

August 24, 2018

Title:  Orientation and Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences
SpeakerHyeong-Moo Shin, Arne Winguth

August 31, 2018

Title:  Detrital zircon signatures of Mississippian succession in southern Midcontinent: interplay among eustatic sea-level, unroofing of the Appalachians, and uplifts of the Ancestral Rocky Mountain
SpeakerXiangyang Xie
AffiliationTexas Christian University

September 7, 2018

Title:  A global satellite survey of density plumes at river mouths and at other environments: Plume configurations, external controls, and implications for deep-water sedimentation
SpeakerShan Shanmugam

September 14, 2018

Title:  Sedimentary record of Eocene-Oligocene elevation and hydroclimate in the central Rocky Mountains
SpeakerMajie Fan
Affiliation: UT-Arlington

September 28, 2018

Title:  1. Geochronology and Provenance of Early Permian Volcanic Ashes in the Midland Basin, West Texas 2. Middle Cenozoic Landscape Evolution of the Southern Rockies Recorded in Detrital Zircon Provenance
Speaker1. Hepeng Tian 2. Lu Zhu
Affiliation: UT-Arlington

October 5, 2018

Title:  What we learned from Hurricane Harvey
SpeakerNick Fang

October 12, 2018

Title:  The science, management, and policy of environmental flows in Texas
SpeakerCaimee Schoenbaechler
AffiliationTexas Water Development Board

October 19, 2018

Title:  An overview of petroleum geochemistry in conventional and unconventional plays from exploration to production
SpeakerRichard Patience
AffiliationApplied Petroleum Technology

October 26, 2018

Title:  Investigation of Landslides and Slope Instability Processes
Speaker: Neda Ghazipour, Ph.D.
Affiliation: Guest researcher at CALTECH

November 2, 2018

Title:  The Origins and Spatial-Temporal Patterns of Cretaceous-Quaternary Magmatism during Collisions, Trench Retreat, and Escape Tectonics in Central Anatolia, Turkey
Speaker: W. Kirk Schleiffarth
Affiliation: Northern Arizona University

November 8, 2018

Title:  Environmental Panel discussion

November 16, 2018

Title:  Advances and challenges in hydrologic modeling and data assimilation
SpeakerSeongjin Noh

November 30, 2018

Title:  Foragers on the Paleo-Agulhas Plain: Archaeology and ecosystem-wide approaches to understanding human adaptation in the Late Pleistocene
SpeakerNaomi Cleghorn