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Polarizing petrographic microscope

This Leica DM2500P is equipped with a computer-controlled digital camera system, a digital Stepper for rotating stage, and PetroLite software to conduct thin section analysis and sandstone point-count.

Rock prep. lab

UTA EES rock prep. lab is equipped with several rock saws, a shatter box, and a Frantz magnetic separator to conduct basic mineral separation.

Light Stable Isotope Laboratory

Our Light Stable Isotope Laboratory is equipped with a Finnegan Delta V Advantage isotope ratio mass spectrometer, a Gasbench II, and an Elemental Analyzer. We are capable of analyzing organic matter TOC%, TN%, δ13C, and δ15N, carbonate δ18O, δ13C, and dissolved inorganic carbon δ13C values.

Measurement Instrument Off campus-lab provided labor Off campus-user provided labor On campus-lab provided labor On campus-user provided labor
carbonate δ18O and δ13C values Gasbench-Delta V $15 $13 $12 $10
Organic solid δ13C and/or δ15N EA-Delta V $15 $13 $12 $10
Organic solid δ13C, δ15N, and TN%, TOC% EA-Delta V $18 $15 $15 $12
TN% and/or TOC% EA-Delta V $6 $4 $4 $2
DIC δ13C Gasbench-Delta V $15 $13 $12 $10
Sediment processing (pulverizing or grounding)   $3 $2 $2 $0
Prices and turnaround time may vary.  Please contact Majie Fan (mfan@uta.edu) for additional information.

Shimazu Center

We are excited to have access to the Shimazu Center, which will be equipped with a range of analytical instruments, and is expected to be housed in our department in Fall 2014. We currently have access to the Shimazu Center housed in UTA Department of Chemistry.