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Research - Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Research Scope at EES

The figure above symbolizes the teaching and research scope of the Earth & Environmental Sciences Department and its faculty. Like the Earth and its spheres, the department consists of groups of faculty who interact and collaborate within and between groups representing the 5 aspects of the global Earth system.

Those concerned with the Geosphere are geoscientists who study the solid Earth and consist of geophysicists, geochemists, structural geologists/tectonophysicists, sedimentologists and geomorphologists.

Those concerned with the Biosphere are ecologists, zoologists, botanists and paleontologists whose interests range from microbes to large flora and fauna and from extant to extinct species.

Atmospheric scientists are concerned with climate, and atmospheric dynamics and chemistry.

The Hydrospheric faculty study both ground and surface water including lakes, rivers and oceans and their physics and chemistry.

Faculty interested in the Anthroposphere study the interaction of the human population with all aspects of the Earth system.