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Campus Carry Committee





Dear UTA campus community,

Beginning today, August 1, the university’s campus carry policies and procedures are in place. There is comprehensive information on the UTA Campus Carry website including a training presentation and current FAQs.

Each UT campus’s policy is unique. What may be allowed at one university is not necessarily allowed at another. Please familiarize yourself with the list of UTA’s exclusionary areas, and if you have questions, please address them to the campus carry committee on the anonymous form or through the email address on the website.

Campus policy may be amended at any time at the discretion of the president, although the Board of Regents may reject any changes through a 2/3 vote. Some UT campuses have chosen to amend their policies to reflect those adopted by UT Austin, which allow faculty and staff with private, sole occupied office space to determine whether their offices can be declared exclusionary areas. UTA has not done so at this time.

UTA leadership believes that further discussion with the campus community on this subject is warranted before a decision is made to either keep our policies as they are today or amend them. To give all concerned the fullest possible opportunity to participate in this conversation, additional meetings to obtain feedback and suggestions will be held in mid-September when employees and students are back on campus and can voice their thoughts. Please consult the campus carry website for information on dates and times of these meetings once they are scheduled.

Thank you for your engagement on this subject.


The UTA Campus Carry Committee






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