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Engineering Research Building

The facility provides approximately 234,000 square feet of space for state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary research and teaching labs and classrooms, faculty and graduate student offices, administrative offices, conference rooms and support areas. The building’s design incorporates several energy-saving features, including green and light-reflecting roofs, window designs for improved use of available light, rain and condensate water capture and storage for landscaping, use of recycled materials, and others that will allow the facility to meet requirements for LEED® Gold certification.

Engineering Research Building

Two units of the College of Engineering are the principal occupants of the Engineering Research Building. The Computer Science & Engineering Department is located throughout the north wing of the building, and the Bioengineering Department is primarily in the south wing. Both departments have access to classrooms, labs, offices and conference rooms of various sizes.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of some engineering activities, a portion of the Engineering Research Building is occupied by units of the College of Science. These are located in the south wing of the building. The College of Science has 18 research labs that are shared by biology, neuroscience, physics, and chemistry and biochemistry. In addition, the college also occupies 38 offices for faculty and post-doctoral researchers and two areas with cubicles for graduate students.

Construction materials – red brick, limestone, glass and steel – were selected to both preserve the association with other university buildings and communicate the contemporary aspect of the building’s use. A unique architectural feature is a two-story opening providing a striking gateway into the university grounds. A tree-lined pedestrian mall replaces a former street, and two courtyards provide welcoming places for students to gather. Another feature is a bridge connecting the Engineering Research Building to the new, third floor of the Engineering Laboratory Building.

Construction of the Engineering Research Building began in the summer of 2008 and was completed in January of 2011.