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Letia Blanco

Letia Blanco

Letia Blanco, (BSME '11)
Technical Project Manager
Collins Aerospace

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, UTA

Letia Blanco has worked in the aerospace/defense industry since 2008. She has worked as a technical project manager at Collins Aerospace since 2018.

Prior to joining Collins Aerospace, she was a systems design engineer, mechanical engineer and integrated project team lead at Raytheon. There, she was recognized for her ability to solve challenging problems with complex systems, troubleshoot issues, design experiments, analyze data and produce solutions at both the component and system levels. She was the primary inventor for Raytheon-sponsored patent application 11-2640-US-NP and was consistently identified to lead multi-million dollar programs with multidisciplinary technical teams.

Blanco is also an accomplished communicator, with five international technical presentations, three peer-reviewed journal publications and several guest speaker events. She also served as a conference chair, overseeing more than 110 volunteers.