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Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors of the College of Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington is a diverse group of volunteer leaders from business, academia, government agencies, and the community who advise and assist the College in creating and sustaining a preeminent institution of engineering education, research, and service.  Board members are keenly interested in promoting cutting-edge research programs and in addressing engineering education issues – from preparing high school students to succeed in college to graduating outstanding engineers who will lead Texas in the high-technology economy. 

Members provide counsel to the Dean of the College, the faculty, and staff on strategy, important issues affecting the future of the college, programs, and external affairs. They engage in and assist with fund raising efforts to ensure excellence in programs and operations.

The Board meets three times a year with a full-day agenda covering such topics as undergraduate and graduate enrollment and student success rates, the teaching and learning environment, college infrastructure, labs and equipment, research initiatives, the college development program, impact of legislative issues, industrial relations, benchmarking, and long-range planning.

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