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Linda McCalla

Linda McCalla

Linda McCalla, Ph.D. (BS mathematics '68)
Director, Software Core Competency (retired)
Texas Instruments

Ph.D. Management Science, University of Texas at Dallas
M.S. Mathematics, North Texas State University (now University of North Texas)
B.S. Mathematics, University of Texas at Arlington, 1968

Linda McCalla spent 33 productive years at Texas Instruments, where she held a number of technical and management positions in design automation, calculator development, defense systems, research, software engineering and systems engineering.

In the area of Corporate Research, Dr. McCalla was instrumental in the development of TI's SofTware Engineering Process (STEP), primarily in the areas of Requirements Engineering, Testing and Metrics, and Systems Engineering. She served as the TI reviewer and technical advisor for research at several external organizations, including the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation, the Software Engineering Institute, and the University of Southern California’s Center for Systems and Software Engineering.

In VHSIC Design Utility Systems, Dr. McCalla was the branch manager for TI’s software team for developing the VHSIC Hardware Description Language with in association with IBM. She also served as the technical manager of a major Integrated Design Automation System.

In Scientific Calculators, she developed and tested the software (microcode) for TI's SR-51 Scientific Calculator, the dual purpose printer (for the SR-51 and the SR-52), the TI SR-52, and participated in early design for the TI SR-59.

In Software Core Competency, she directed the company-wide initiative for TI’s Core Competency in Software. This included software process research, development, training, measurement, and management as well as interaction with external software research and commercial organizations.

Not all of her duties were engineering-related: Dr. McCalla developed, authored, produced, directed and served as talent for several training videos in Requirements Engineering in collaboration with the Software Engineering Institute.

Prior to Texas Instruments, Dr. McCalla began her technical career as an undergraduate with Electronic Controls Corporation. As head of the research laboratory, she was responsible for developing, testing, and fielding processes for manufacturing electronic devices as well as quality control for resulting products.

Dr. McCalla is also a member of UT Arlington Fort Worth Center Advisory Council and was a two-term president of the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas.