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Russell Mensch

Russell Mensch

Russell Mensch
President and CEO
CFD International, LLC

B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Russell Mensch is the President and CEO of CFD International, LLC, the leader in helicopter armament systems. His focus areas are creating new products through small but talented engineering teams; developing leaders within the company; and researching, developing and applying modern technology to business operations.

Beginning in 2004, he worked his way through engineering school as the IT Manager and Production Technician at CFD International. He selected and implemented the company's first ever Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) software package in response to new Department of Defense requirements. Later that year he was promoted to Production Manager.

In 2005 he assumed responsibility as Program Manager of the then-unsold Black Hawk FLIR mount and developed the program into a profitable product that continues selling today. He also managed a rapid development program for special forces to mount a Raytheon EO/IR on a Black Hawk helicopter.

Mensch graduated Magna Cum Laude from UTA with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation in 2007, he served as the chief engineer for the Bell 407 armament system developed for the U.S. Army and searchlight and display mounts for the U.S. Coast Guard, among other projects. In response to growing business demands, he implemented a new, more advanced ERP system.

He was promoted to General Manager in 2011, Vice President in 2013, and President CEO in 2016. He has transformed the company culture from “reactive” to “proactive” through leadership training, simplifying and streamlining workflows, and creating a custom middleware to supplement the ERP software. 

Mensch established an M3 .50 caliber machine gun production line from scratch. He has successfully negotiated and executed large contracts with the Department of Defense, Boeing and Lockheed Martin.  He managed the acquisition of a fiber composite manufacturing business and assimilated the advanced composite materials and techniques into new product designs. In 2016, he directed a corporate restructuring resulting in a lean and profitable business.

His first passion remains engineering and technology. He resides in Lucas with his wife, son and daughter and spends his free time building a Van’s Aircraft RV-14A in the garage, modifying and detailing cars, off-road motorsports, camping, and practicing photography. He gets great satisfaction from teaching and mentoring eager learners.