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Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith, Ph.D. (MSCSE '88, Ph.D. '04)

Ph.D. Computer Science & Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington, 2004
M.S. Computer Science & Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington, 1988
B.S. Engineering Science, Trinity University

Jeff Smith’s world is entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. A former scientist for Motorola, The Robotics Institute and the Super Collider, he worked on everything from autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles to particle accelerators. He also developed wireless sensor and control systems for the FBI, CIA, DOD, DOE, NASA, and the US Postal Service.

In 1993, Dr. Smith co-founded and served as president and CEO of OnRamp Technologies, a leading Internet Service Provider. After OnRamp was acquired by Verio, he became its regional president and a board member. The company grew to one of the largest web-hosting companies in the world and a principal international ISP. Verio was later sold to NTT for $5.5B. Since then Jeff has been the founder or co-founder of several technology companies including Vericenter (web hosting) acquired by SunGard, SensorLogic (IoT company) acquired by Gemalto, and Ublip (IoT company) acquired by Numerex. Currently Jeff is Managing Director of QuantumIOT an IoT system integration company with 20 associates. He is also CTO of CatapultHealth a remote telehealth company.

Considered a pioneer in the emerging machine-to-machine communications market, Dr. Smith founded SensorLogic in 2002, now one of the industry’s leading Telemetry Service Providers. Most recently, he founded Ublip, which provides Web 2.0 applications for remote asset management.

Dr. Smith has served or serves on the boards of technology companies including Winning Habits, Vericenter and Verio. He is a Distinguished Alumnus of the Computer Science & Engineering Department at UT Arlington and serves on the Board of Trustees of the University. Jeff is also on the Alumni Board of Trinity University. In 2006, he was awarded the Ewing B. Kaufmann Community Award for his social entrepreneurship accomplishments in a struggling Honduras community (