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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question here, please contact us.

Is my Engineering Online degree program accredited?

All degrees programs offered through Engineering Online at UT Arlington are fully accredited through ABET and/or SACS. Learn more about our accreditation.

Is my Engineering Online degree the same as an on-campus degree?

Yes, students taking online courses receive the same lectures, do the same homework, and take the same tests as students attending class.

How far away can I live to enroll in Engineering Online at UT Arlington?

Any individual who meets enrollment requirements and has a reliable, high-speed internet connection can enroll. There is no physical distance limitation.

What equipment/software must I have?

A computer capable of receiving streamed lectures. All lectures can be viewed in your web browser.

How do I purchase textbooks?

There are numerous online sources for textbooks. Contact us for assistance.

Is there a difference between online and on campus courses?

No, students taking online courses receive the same lectures as students attending class. We do not use "canned" courses.

Can I switch between online and on-campus classes?

Online students are welcome to attend class on-campus without losing access to the online material.

How do I get my assignments to my instructor or take tests?

Assignments are typically submitted by email or fax. Tests are taken under the supervision of a local proctor. You may need these forms for test-taking.

Will I be required to attend any on-campus class meetings?

Attendance at on-campus meetings is typically not mandatory. Your first on-campus visit may be to attend your own graduation - but that is voluntary too.

Who do I contact when I am stuck or confused about my course or program?

Contact your instructor for class related questions or contact the engineering online office for administrative issues.