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Engineering Online Student Requirements

***unless otherwise stated by your instructor***

  1. All exams ARE TO BE TAKEN THE SAME DAY as the on-campus class section.
  2. Exam arrangements are to be made BEFORE the exam is given and must have instructor permission.
  3. All online students are REQUIRED to complete the Testing Center Registration Form.

Testing Options

  1. On-Campus with the in-class students. (please obtain permission from your instructor)
  2. UTA Testing Center:
  3. Off-Campus Testing Center (check with your local universities/community colleges)

Student Testing Responsibilities Are To

  1. Locate an approved testing center.
  2. Communicate with the testing center to be sure they will proctor/administer your exam.
  3. Pay any testing center fees.
  4. Fill out and submit the Testing Center Registration Form.
  5. Contact the Engineering Online office should you need to change your Testing Center.

Failure to complete the Testing Center Registration form by the deadline may result in a delay in sending your exam(s), which may affect your exam grade(s).

Testing Center Registration Form

The Testing Center Registration form needs only to be completed once per semester.
Forms are automatically submitted to the Engineering Online Office.

Testing Center Registration Form