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All students taking an online course are required to submit a Proctor Registration Form each semester.

Note: Instructors may request online students who are on-campus, live or work within a 50-mile radius of the UTA campus to come to campus to take exams. This will depend on sufficient seats being available in the classroom.

Testing Guidelines for Instructors

  1. Provide a soft (emailed) copy of your exam and exam instructions to the Engineering Online office no later than one business day (24hrs) before it is to be given to your on campus class. 
    • If your on campus exam is scheduled for Monday than you should provide a copy the Friday before the exam. Approved Proctor Statement
    • We do this for two reasons. 
      1. First, out of respect for the Testing Center, we want to transmit it to them so they can sequence it in with other exams they are proctoring.
      2. Many professors give their tests around the same time during a semester.  We need to be able to distribute each professor’s tests in a timely manner. A professor can’t show up late and demand head of the line.
  2. Exams will be sent to the proctor/testing center on file unless the student notifies the Engineering Online office they will be coming to campus. 
  3. Proctors will return exams to the Engineering Online office who will then forward the tests to the instructor.

 Testing Guidelines for Students

  1. Due to the limited number of seats in classrooms, students enrolled in an online section but who live or work near the campus course should NOT count on being able to come to class and take their tests with the in-class students.
  2. Students taking tests off-campus MUST make appropriate arrangements with an approved proctor. Please see the proctoring page for more information.
    • Fill out and submit the appropriate test registration form.
  3. Students are responsible for notifying the Engineering Online office of any change to their testing registration such as:
    • coming to UTA to take the test campus.
    • taking the test at a different Testing Center.
  4. Students will schedule a time with their proctor/testing center to take their exam and pay any fees associated with the testing. 

 Testing Guidelines for Proctors/Testing Centers

  1. DO NOT allow students to have access to the exam before or after the exam time.
  2. Schedule the exam time with the student.
  3. Administer the exam, following all instructions.
  4. Scan and email the completed exam to the Engineering Online office.
  5. Proctors are asked to keep the original copy of the completed exam in a locked file until the student has received his/her final grade at the end of the grading semester. 

Exams may be destroyed only after this time

Exam Day Instructions:

  1. Exams are sent out by the Engineering Online office.
  2. If the student is taking any courses on-campus, or is normally considered an on-campus student, the exam must be scheduled with a proctor for a start time not later than one (1) hour after the on-campus section begins its exam. Exceptions to this (such as a work schedule or another test at the same time) must be worked out in advance with the course instructor.
  3. Students who are located away from UTA must take their exams within a 24 hour window that begins when the on-campus students take their exam and ends 24 hours later.
  4. Exam instructions will be sent to the proctor along with the exam.
  5. The proctor will return the completed exam and the Exam Return Cover Sheet promptly to the Engineering Online office.


Forms are automatically submitted to the Engineering Online Office