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Engineering with Honors

The UTA College of Engineering, in conjunction with the Honors College, offers students the opportunity to earn an Honors Bachelors Degrees in many of its majors.

Benefits Available to Honors Students

  • Early Registration
  • Faculty Mentors
  • Research Experiences


The Honors Degree Program is competitive. Students can apply when they enter as freshman, if they are already currently enrolled at UTA, or if they are transferring to UTA. Requirements and the application process is detailed at


To earn the Honors Bachelors degree, a student must be admitted to the Honors College and complete 18 Honors Points along with a Capstone project. Each engineering major specifies the way in which Honors Points are earned, and requirements for a Capstone project. 


To graduate with an Honors Degree, students must complete the degree requirements for their major, maintain a cumulative 3.2 UTA GPA, be a member of the Honors College in good standing, earn a minimum of 18 Honors Points, and complete and present a Capstone Project.