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Aerospace Engineering Major

Rapid advances in aerospace systems require the successful aerospace engineer to develop new concepts and bring them into reality as reliable, competitive, and environmentally acceptable products. Successful completion of a balanced study of basic science and engineering topics, further complemented by humanities, will ensure that graduates are well prepared to tackle tomorrow's challenges.

Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Degree Requirements

The curriculum covers the broad areas of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, propulsion and combustion, flight mechanics and controls, structural mechanics and material behavior, structural dynamics, and system design and optimization supplemented by appropriate laboratory experiences. The culmination of the curriculum is a vehicle design project. Students may broaden their education by choosing elective courses in a secondary field of interest or by taking a second bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

A primary goal of the aerospace engineering degree program is to provide an educational experience and training that will prepare its graduates to excel within the broad scope of the mechanical and aerospace engineering profession. Our Program Educational Objectives are to enable our graduates to attain the following professional and career accomplishments during the first few years following graduation:

  • Be employed in a professional mechanical, aerospace or related engineering organization, or be admitted to graduate programs in engineering or other professional areas,
  • Become an active participant in professional society activities,
  • Demonstrate the initiative, motivation and ability to grow professionally in their chosen endeavor.


ABET AccreditedThe program in aerospace engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET. Read more about why accreditation matters at

The ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science program in Aerospace Engineering had a Fall 2016 enrollment of 408 students and had 38 graduates during the 2015-16 academic year.