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Biomedical Engineering Minor

To receive a minor in Biomedical Engineering, a student must complete at least 18 hours in bioengineering courses listed below with a grade of C or better in each. Admission to the minor program requires a minimum GPA of 2.25 derived from courses completed at UTA and approvals from the Bioengineering Department Undergraduate Advisor and the student’s home department. Upon admission to the program, check with the Bioengineering Department Undergraduate Advisor for advising and enrollment in courses.

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Required Courses (9 hours)

BE 3380 Human Physiology in Bioengineering

BE 4382 Laboratory Principles

BE 1325 Introduction to Bioengineering

Elective Courses (min. 9 hours)   

Choose a minimum of 3 courses (with hours > 9) from below 

Courses in tissue engineering, biomaterials, or biomechanics areas

BE 3367 Cell Culture and Drug Delivery Lab 3

BE 4368 An Introduction to Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery 3

BE 4329 Neural Engineering 3

BE 4364 Tissue Engineering Lecture 3

BE 4365 Tissue Engineering Laboratory 3

BE 4372 Drug Delivery 3

BE 4373 Drug Delivery Laboratory 3

BE 4385 Stem Cell Tissue Engineering 3

BE 4331  Biopolymers and Biocompatibility 3

BE 4333 Nano biomaterials and Living-system Interaction 3

BE 3310 Biomechanics, Fluid Flow and Computational Lab 3

BE 4337 Transport Phenomena in Biomedical Engineering 3

BE 3415 Fundamentals of Biomolecular Engineering 3

BE 4312 Tissue Biomechanics and Bioengineering 3

BE 4314 Medical Implants 3

Courses in medical imaging or bioinstrumentation areas

BE 3317 Linear Systems in Bioengineering 

BE 3344 Bioinstrumentation 

BE 4345 Biosensors 

BE 4324 Biomedical Optics Laboratory

BE 3346 Medical Imaging 

BE 3327 Tissue Optics 

BE 3325 Fluorescence Microscopy 

BE 3352 Digital processing of Biological Signals 

BE 4366 Process Control in Biotechnology 

BE 4326 Tissue Ultrasound and Optical imaging 

*EE 3407  Electromagnetics 

*EE 2440 Circuit Analysis with Lab  

*Check with Bioengineering Undergraduate Advisor in advance for applicability