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Mechanical Engineering Major

Mechanical engineers must be extremely versatile and can be found in a large variety of private and public sector organizations. They may be involved in product design and development, manufacturing, project management, power generation or other operations. Therefore, the mechanical engineering curriculum is broad-based and emphasizes fundamental engineering sciences and applications.

Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Approximately equal emphasis is given to machine design, structural analysis, thermodynamics and energy, systems and control, and materials science. Classroom lectures are supplemented by laboratories.

The student completes a capstone design project as the culmination of the undergraduate program.

Formula SAE Team

A primary goal of the mechanical engineering degree program is to provide an educational experience and training that will prepare its graduates to excel within the broad scope of the mechanical engineering profession. Our Program Educational Objectives are to enable our graduates to attain the following professional and career accomplishments during the first few years following graduation:

  • Be employed in a professional mechanical or related engineering organization, or be admitted to graduate programs in engineering or other professional areas,
  • Become an active participant in professional society activities,
  • Demonstrate the initiative, motivation and ability to grow professionally in their chosen endeavor.


ABET AccreditedThe program in mechanical engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET. Read more about why accreditation matters at

The ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science program in Mechanical Engineering had a Fall 2016 enrollment of 824 students and had 111 graduates during the 2015-16 academic year.