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Commencement Attire


Academic dress or academic regalia is a traditional form of clothing for academic settings worn by those that have been conferred a university degree. The ensemble consists of a gown (also known as a "robe") with a separate hood for advanced degree candidates and holders, and usually a cap (generally either a mortarboard, a tam, or a bonnet) which are different for each institution. Colored tassels adorn the cap and signify the academic area of study. All participants in UT Arlington's commencement ceremonies wear a university-approved black cap and gown, which can be purchased from the UT Arlington Bookstore.


All students are required to wear cap and gown (and hoods for master's and Ph.D. graduates). Military uniforms are not allowed to be worn to cross the stage. You are welcome to wear your military uniform under your gown, but if you take off your gown before attempting to cross the stage, you will not be allowed to participate.

Caps and gowns are sold at the UT Arlington Bookstore. Graduating students must purchase or order their cap and gown no less than 5 weeks prior to commencement in order to assure that their custom tassels arrive in time for the ceremony.

Graduates are encouraged to get creative when decorating their caps! Click HERE for some great ideas!

Your clothing under your robe should be business or business casual.

Participants should wear COMFORTABLE SHOES. You will be walking from the practice gyms into the arena, and up and down ramps at the stage.

Graduates should not bring purses or plan to carry anything with them into the arena. You will not be permitted to leave any of your belongings in the practice gyms during the ceremony.

Gown Options:

    • Bachelor's set (gown, zipper pull and cap) - Basic Black Set or UTA Custom Set (black robe with blue cuff and orange trim)
    • Master's set (gown, zipper pull, hood and cap) - Basic Black Set or UTA Custom Set (black robe with blue velvet front similar to Ph.D. robe)
    • Ph.D. set (gown, zipper pull, hood and cap) - Basic Black Set or UTA Custom Set (black robe with blue velvet front and three velvet stripes on sleeves)
    • Fine Quality Ph.D. set (gown, zipper pull, hood and cap) - Custom set that may be cleaned and worn for many years. If you plan to go into academia after graduation, you may want to consider buying a nice set with your university's colors, because you will be required to wear it at future academic ceremonies requiring regalia.  Many families choose to give their graduates their Ph.D. robes as their graduation present.
    • 2018 Doctoral Regalia - place your orders at least 6 weeks prior to their ceremony to ensure delivery by Graduation. Several options are available for the Doctoral student. Please contact the UTA Bookstore directly for ordering information.


Bachelor Options

Bachelor Gown Option 1    Bachelor Gown Option 2

Master's Options

(Notice the Neckline of the different hoods. The velvet edge is always closest to the chin)

Masters Gown Option 1 Front     or   Masters Gown Option 2 Front 

Masters Gown Option 1 Back             Masters Gown Option 2 Back

Doctoral Set

(NOTE: not all options are shown; doctoral candidates wear mortarboard caps similar to bachelor and master's candidates. You will not wear your hood until your professor hoods you on stage.)

PhD Regalia Front   PhD Regalia Back   


A complimentary custom tassel is provided with the cap and gown. The tassel color for the College of Engineering is orange. PhD candidates wear gold tassels.

CORDS (Bachelor Degree Candidates Only)

Latin Honor Cords (Orange, White and Blue)

Any students graduating with Latin honors (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude) will be provided with set of orange, blue and white honors cords. You will not need to purchase this from the bookstore.Please note: GPA is figured based on the second-to-last full semester's grades, and do not include the grades for your final semester, as these grades are not final until AFTER the graduation ceremony.You will receive an email if you qualify for this honor. If you do not receive an email about honor cords, then you did not qualify.

  • Cum Laude: overall GPA is 3.500 – 3.699 OR (overall GPA is 3.300 – 3.499 and the GPA for last 45 semester hours in residence is 3.500 – 3.699).
  • Magna Cum Laude: overall GPA is 3.700 – 3.899 OR (overall GPA is 3.500 – 3.699 and the GPA for last 45 semester hours in residence is 3.700 – 3.899).
  • Summa Cum Laude: overall GPA is 3.900 – 4.000 OR (overall GPA is 3.700 – 4.000 and the GPA for last 45 semester hours in residence is 3.900 – 4.000).

Co-Op/Internship Cords (Red)

  • All UNDERGRADUATE students who completed a co-op or internship will be provided with a red cord. 

Research Cords (Purple)

  • All UNDERGRADUATE students who participated in non-mandatory research will be provided with a purple cord. 

Earth-Friendly Regalia

In partnership with Jostens, the University's exclusive supplier of academic regalia, UT Arlington provides commencement robes that are affordable, high quality and environmentally friendly. Constructed of fiber made from wood sourced exclusively from renewable, managed forests, the fabric has been shown to decompose in soil in one year. In addition, the coil zipper tape and teeth are made from 100% recycled PET. Earth-friendly packaging contains material that facilitates the decomposition process of the cap and gown bag. Jostens also offers a unique Student Give Back Program. When graduates redeem their regalia hang tag code online, Jostens contributes $1.00 to support sustainability initiatives.

Grad Finale

The UT Arlington Bookstore will host a Grad Finale each semester. Grad Finale is an opportunity for the graduate and/or their parents to view and purchase regalia, diploma frames, and order invitations. Representatives will be in the store to answer all questions regarding commencement.

Distance Education students may find information about ordering regalia online at