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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What do I need to do to indicate that I intend to participate (“walk”) in the Commencement ceremony?

When you APPLY TO GRADUATE on MyMav, you will also indicate whether or not you intend to walk in the ceremony. There is a nominal fee charged by the University that will be added to your account for doing so. This fee covers the cost of processing your diploma. Once you apply to graduate, you will appear on a list of eligible graduates that the College receives from the Registrar.

Q2: I missed the deadline to apply to graduate. What do I do now?

FIRST: You need to APPLY TO GRADUATE on MyMav. You will need to select the next semester as your intended graduation date (it will be changed on the backend after you complete the next steps). You will have to pay a late fee in addition to the graduation fee. This will show up on your MyMav account after the process is completed. SECOND: You must email your departmental advisor and ask them to petition the dean's office for permission to move your graduation date to the current semester. THIRD: Your advisor must email Dr. Lynn Peterson in the dean's office to certify that you are eligible to graduate. FOURTH: Dr. Peterson will email the registrar and ask them to make the change in MyMav to the current semester. FIFTH: The Registrar will make the change in your record and assess your fees.

Q2: I am finishing this semester, but I want to delay my walk. What do I need to do?

When you apply to graduate on MyMav, you will indicate that you will not attend the Commencement Ceremony. You will still receive your diploma in the mail 6-8 weeks after the final grades are submitted for your final semester. You will need to fill out a separate registration form HERE because after you graduate, you will no longer have access to MyMav. We will have to add you manually to the system if you are walking in a later semester. Do this after the beginning of the semester that you wish to walk to let us know you intend to participate. You will NOT receive a reminder to register for future ceremonies. Please see below for new restrictions on the amount of time you may delay your participation.

Q3: I graduated in a previous semester but did not walk at the time; can I participate in the Commencement ceremony now?

Yes, with caveats:

  • As of June 1, 2017, graduates may ONLY walk either the semester they finish their degree (fall semester for those finishing in summer) or the following long semester. For example:
    • If you finish in August 2017 or December 2017, you may either walk in December 2017 or May 2018
    • If you finish in May 2018, you may walk in May 2018 or December 2018. 
  • Graduates who finished their degrees in May 2017 or before are grandfathered in to a previous rule of no time restriction for walking.
  • This change is due to the fact that we have a limited amount of space and a growing class of graduates. We have to accommodate those finishing that semester first and then accommodate others as space allows.
  • There is an option on the registration form that states you deferred participation but would like to participate now. Select that option when you register.

Q4: Will my name and degree information appear in the printed Commencement program?

In order for your name to appear in the program, you must not have restricted directory information in MyMav. If you have not restricted this information, your name and degree information will appear in the program for the first ceremony that occurs after you finish your degree. For example, if you finish in May, your information will appear in the spring ceremony program. If you finish in August or December, your information will appear in the fall ceremony program. There is no way to re-publish this information if you defer your participation until a later date. Please note that if you apply to graduate after the deadline, your name will not appear in the program, as they are printed well in advance of the ceremony.

There will be some extra programs in the dean's office after the ceremony, if you want to pick one up for your records. Your name will also appear in the Shorthorn exactly as it will in the ceremony program, so you may choose to keep a copy of that as well (or instead of the program).

NOTE: Your name will appear as it appears on MyMav in the "Primary Name" field. If you want to change how it reads, you will need to submit a name change request.

Q5: I am finishing this semester, and I want to walk now with my friends, but my parents can't come until next semester. Can I participate in the Commencement ceremony twice?

No. Unfortunately, because our graduating class is so large, we are unable to accommodate students who wish to walk more than once. You will need to pick which ceremony you wish to attend.

Q6: I am scheduled to complete the academic requirements on time, but I may not be able to participate (for example, I may not pass my thesis defense/dissertation defense or my family may not be able to attend). What should I do?

Please sign up for the ceremony on MyMav. It is better for our planning purposes to have you on our list and count you (even if you ultimately do not show up) than have you show up without us being prepared for you. 

Q7: I don't know if I'm going to pass all of my classes. Can I still participate in Commencement?

If, to the best of your knowledge, you are currently meeting the requirements of your MyMav degree plan, then you may walk that semester. No one who crosses the stage has officially passed all of their classes because grades are not due until the week after graduation. However, if you are aware that you will definitely fail a class or have to take another class to complete your requirements in the next semester, then you may not walk that semester.

Q8: I registered to walk but now my plans have changed and I want to delay my walk. What should I do?

Go into MyMav and change your RSVP to select a different participation status. Please update your status as soon as you know that your situation has changed.

Q9: I am planning to graduate in the summer, but I want to participate in the spring ceremony before I finish my degree. Can I do this?

No. You must be in your final semester and be expected to complete all of your requirements for graduation before you may participate in the ceremony. The University holds Commencement ceremonies in each of the long semesters (fall and spring). If you finish your degree in the summer, you may participate in the December ceremony. You may not “walk” early in the May ceremony. There are no exceptions to this rule.

NEW: Beginning in August 2020, the university will be holding one commencement ceremony for the entire university.

Q10: What happens after I RSVP on MyMav for the Commencement Ceremony?

When you register, you become part of the database of all students who are going to walk for that ceremony. You will receive an email from the University with information on how to download your tickets about three to four weeks before the ceremony. Name cards that you will give to the announcer are generated; you will receive this name card when you check-in at the ceremony location on the day of the Commencement. You cannot walk if you do not register in advance and have a name card produced.

Q11: When will I know how many tickets I will be able to receive?

The University decides how many tickets each student will be able to download a month or so prior to the ceremony. This number is based on the capacity of the College Park Center divided by the number of graduates anticipated to participate for each college. The number of anticipated graduates varies for each ceremony, so the number of tickets may change each semester. Most likely, we will be able to provide as many tickets as you need. However, please be respectful of the process and do not download more tickets than you will actually use, so that every student may have enough tickets for all of their guests. Please note that it is ILLEGAL to scalp or sell tickets to commencement. 

Q12: Why didn't I receive an email from the University about my tickets?

You must have registered for the ceremony to be on the ticketing mailing list. If you registered, but did not get an email, check your clutter/junk/spam folder. Please white list "" and "" so you don't miss any important emails! See the main COE Commencement page for this deadlne. If you register after this date, we will have to manually send the tickets to you.

Q13: What does it cost to participate in Commencement?

The College of Engineering does not charge to participate in the Commencement ceremony. The only costs to participate are the costs associated with renting or buying your regalia (cap and gown). Tickets are free of charge to all guests.

Q14: What do I wear to Commencement?

All students are required to wear cap and gown (and hoods for master's and Ph.D. graduates). Military uniforms are not allowed to be worn to cross the stage. You are welcome to wear your military uniform under your gown, but if you take off your gown before attempting to cross the stage, you will not be allowed to participate.

Q15: How are cords awarded?

Cords to be worn with your cap and gown are only for baccalaureate candidates. Latin honor cords (cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude) are determined by the Registrar and are based on the scale on the “REGALIA” page on this website. Grades for your final semester are NOT part of the calculation. All decisions of the Registrar are final and cannot be adjusted or waived by the College of Engineering.

Q16: Do children and babies need tickets?

Anyone over the age of 2, or anyone requiring a seat, needs a ticket to attend.

Q17: How long does the ceremony last?

Approximately two hours.