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Commencement Day

  1. Enter College Park Center (CPC) through the GATE 1 ENTRY near the intersection of Spaniolo Drive and 3rd Street.
    1. Doors will open at 1:30. Arrive no later than 2:30.
    2. Graduates must have a ticket to enter the GATE 1 ENTRY. If you do not have a ticket, you must have ID and a police officer will be at that entry to verify your identity.
    3. ONLY graduating students and faculty will be allowed to enter through these doors. A staff member will direct you to the correct check-in location.
    4. You must wear regalia (cap and gown) to participate. Master's and Ph.D. candidates must also have hoods. NO EXCEPTIONS. Master's students may don their hoods before or upon arrival (see correct hood placement ). Ph.D. students will be hooded on stage.
  2. Find your assembly location:
    1. Ph.D. candidates and Master's Candidates: Practice Gym A
    2. Bachelor's Candidates: Practice Gym B
  3. Check in at the Registration table. You will receive a card with your information on it. Do not fold, roll or lose your card.
  4. Verify your contact information on your name card. This is there for the photographer to be able to send you a proof of your photograph(s). If you need to make corrections, there will be a table with pens for you to use to correct the information.
  5. Find the color-coded rows for your department that match the color of your name card and find your seat:
    1. Students will be lining up alphabetically within each department. Namecards and seats have a row and seat number so you can easily find your place.
    2. PhD graduates are grouped together (neon pink cards/signs):
      1. Students will be lining up by department (BE, CE, CSE, EE, IMSE, MSE, MAE) and then alphabetically within each department.
      2. If two students have the same supervising (hooding) professor, you will be in order by the last name that comes first in the alphabet
  6. Listen to instructions provided by the announcer
  7. Follow the line leader in a single file line to your seat in the Arena.
  8. Stay standing at your seat in the Arena until told to sit.
    1. Once all students and stage party have arrived, the provost will call the ceremony to order.
    2. The ROTC Color Guard will present the flags; the National Anthem will begin.
    3. Be seated.
    4. The order of the ceremony:
      1. Introduction of special guests
      2. Remarks by the dean and speaker
      3. Presentation of candidates: PhDs, then Master's, then Bachelor's
      4. The Wave
      5. Alma Mater and Conferral of degrees by the president
      6. Maverick Ring turn
      7. Tassel turn (Bachelor's candidates only)
      8. Hat Toss 
      9. Recessional (Stage party first, then other faculty, then students, front aisle closest to the middle aisle first then the rest of the rows in order to the back).
  9. Rise and go to the stage when called forward. A coordinator in a black gown will escort your group to the stage ramp. BRING YOUR NAME CARD WITH YOU TO THE STAGE.
  10. Hand your name card to the announcer's assistant at the top of the ramp and proceed across the stage when she begins to read your name. Do not wait until she is finished to begin moving.
  11. Receive your diploma cover and shake the dean's hand.
  12. Proceed across the stage to shake hands with the president, provost, speaker and your department chair. Exit the stage via the second ramp.
  13. Have your photo taken in front of a green screen that is set up offstage.
  14. Walk back to your seat and be seated. All graduates and their guests must remain for the entire ceremony out of respect for all university graduates. Any graduate or guest who is excessively disruptive during the commencement ceremony will be removed from College Park Center.
  15. Stand when instructed for the singing of the Alma Mater and degree conferral by the president.
  16. (All candidates) Turn your Maverick Ring, if you have one, when instructed.
  17. (Bachelor candidates only) Turn your tassel when instructed.
  18. (All candidates) Toss your caps into the hat on the count of 3
  19. Follow the faculty out of the building during the recessional at the conclusion of the ceremony. Everyone must immediately exit from the building following the ceremony and may meet their family and friends in the Moritz Plaza pedestrian area (the street will be closed off for the graduation ceremonies).

Hooding Procedure for Doctoral Candidates

  1. Give your name card to the announcers assistant .
  2. Move toward your professor who will waiting for you between the announcer's podium and the diploma cover table.
  3. Open your hood and hand it to your professor with the pointed end up, satin side facing you and the velvet side facing your professor.
  4. Turn around to face the audience.
  5. The Professor will then place the hood over your head.Your professor will be on a riser to reach over you to hood you.
  6. Stand and turn to your professor and shake their hand. Continue across stage.