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Arlington Tech Association: Autonomous Vehicles: The Stakes for North Texas

Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Nedderman Hall, Room 601

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Tom Bamonte 
Program Manager, Automated Vehicles 
North Central Texas Council of Governments

autonomous car, photo courtesy Google
Autonomous vehicle (photo courtesy Google)

Current discussions about self-driving vehicles have centered mostly on recent news reports, but the technology is anything but new. Several car and truck manufacturers have been developing automated vehicle technologies for decades. Perhaps the best known of these is Google, whose programs began in 2009. Since that time, its automobiles have traveled almost 2.5 million miles, or around 25,000 miles a week, on city streets and highways in Washington, California, Arizona and Texas. Here in North Texas, city and community leaders are beginning to address the key components of how automated vehicle technologies and associated developments in the transportation sector will influence how cities plan, build and operate.

In this presentation, Tom Bamonte will describe what he believes North Texas communities must do to prepare for, and position the region to benefit from, these technologies.

Texas P.E.s: Attending Arlington Tech presentations counts toward your professional development hours requirement.

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