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CSE Senior Design Presentations

Friday, May 5, 2017, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
ERB 435

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Project: Cloud Image Processing Service
Team: Topaz
Sponsored By: Topaz Labs
The Cloud Image Processing Service is a framework that enables computationally intensive photo editing capabilities on low-powered mobile devices. Users of the application are able to send photos to the cloud server in order for filters and visual effects to be applied. All data transfer and synchronization tasks are abstracted from the end user such that photos can be seamlessly manipulated on the mobile device while leveraging powerful cloud computing resources.

Project: Smart Mirror++
Team: Boring Torvalds
The Smart Mirror++ is an interactive mirror that recognizes users by facial recognition and then displays that user’s relevant information. The user is be able to interact with the mirror using voice commands to Alexa that perform functionalities set in the user’s profile.

Project: DemeBot
Team: Demeter
Sponsored By: Partsmaster, Danco, Calloway’s Nursery
DemeBot, your automated gardener, performs all the tasks needed to grow fresh produce at home with minimal effort. DemeBot plants seeds, monitors soil moisture levels and notifies users when it is time to harvest a crop. Users control the robot through a web application that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, allowing users to garden while away from home!

Project: IEEE Region 5 Robotics Competition
Team: /dev/zero
Sponsored By: Elbit Systems
The /dev/zero robot was built for a simulated subterranean exploration and mapping scenario for the annual IEEE Region 5 Robotics Competition. The team traveled to Denver, CO and received an award for finishing in 5th place out of 30+ teams. 

Project: Rift Telepresence
Team: Team Telepresence
The project utilizes a stereo camera paired with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The video is streamed into the Oculus as a stereo image, allowing a better sense of depth than a traditional camera setup. The stereo camera is mounted to a custom 3-axis gimbal controlled by the head tracking in the Oculus headset. It has applications in areas such as search and rescue and undercarriage contraband detection for border patrol.

Team: The Keys
Sponsored By: Bedlam Outreach, Stephan Wolfert
The project implements a unified platform for a theater company
’s veterans outreach program with an SOS button for when someone needs to talk to a supporter immediately. The platform is complete with forums and chat rooms that can be used to communicate with the Bedlam Outreach community, run by Bedlam theater ( in New York City.

Project: Electronic Hubodometer
Team: Snap-O
Sponsored By: FleetWatch
The Electronic Hubodometer is a solid, sealed device containing an internal battery, a two- way RF communication system and inertial sensor to detect rotation. The product will be mounted on the rear axle of a vehicle in order to log real-time odometery information and wirelessly report usage data to remote base stations. The system is intended to be used for fleet management applications, such as municipal bus systems.

Project: Smart Tools Inventory Management System
Team: Smart Tools
Smart Tools is a quick and intuitive way to keep track of inventory in a container such as a toolbox. The project uses RFID technology to maintain and update the inventory and provides the ability to 1) Check what items we have based on an inventory list and a scan of the container of the items; 2) Search for the proper location of any given item based on either its ID, name, or address; and 3) Add/remove items from the inventory.

Project: Nerf Sentry Gun
Team: The Sentinels
The Nerf Sentry gun is a Teensy controlled device that uses the Kinect 2 to track and eliminate targets. Based on factors such as distance and user-specified parameters, the Kinect tracks these targets and communicates with the Teensy microcontroller to move the Nerf gun, via stepper motors, in place to take fire at targets.

Project: Helping Hand
Team: MedSquad
Sanitation is crucial when a health care practitioner needs consider before performing any surgical operation on a patient. The traditional methods of laying out surgical equipment from the sanitizer to the tray is a potential source of germ infection. Helping Hand helps the hospitals and other health care facilities save crucial time and resources by automating the process and minimizing the risk.

Project: Item Orientation and Scanning System
Team: Daemons of the Script
The IOSS system is a low-cost item scanning system for dimensioning of boxes in logistics environments. The solution consists of an open-source, low-cost roller conveyor and 3D scanner for determining item location, orientation, and dimensions as packages pass through the scan tunnel area. All computing is performed on an embedded computer which is able to connect to existing warehouse network infrastructures.

Project: RoomView
Team: High-5
RoomView is an app that allows the user to plan, place, and manipulate decorations and furniture in a virtual space. RoomView projects a rectangular room that can be easily modified by the user with the ability to add furniture and other object to personalize the room.

Project: FabLab Material Handling Robot
Team: FabLab
The material handling robot is an autonomous robot that hauls materials around the FabLab by following a tape line. Users of the robot are able to control the robot through a website where the destination and the speed of the robot is specified.

Project: Robotic Hand Workcell
Team: Workcell
Sponsored By: MARS Lab
The robotic work-cell facilitates the use of a robotic hand in conjunction with other systems, such as industrial robotic arms and cameras, to coordinate the movement of the hand within the work-cell. The purpose of this work is to support research focusing on Robotic hand applications, gripping strategies, motion constraints, and human interaction.

Project: Tanks vs. Zombies VR
Team: 2Real Studios
Given a tank, gas, and ammunition, eliminate all the zombies in the valley before your resources run out. Pick up extra fuel and ammo dropped by zombies to complete the task. Strategize about which zombies to neutralize first, and what pickups to grab next, or you'll be a sitting duck and it
s game over.

Project: Gestural Glove
Team: Ctrl + Alt + Believe
Sponsored By: BioWorld
The Gestural Glove is a low-powered, BLE capable device that gives users the ability to control their smart phone or tablet using hand and finger gestures. This will allow the user to perform activities on their smart device without having to take it out of their pockets. By providing this functionality, users will be able to perform actions on their smart device with minimal interruptions to their current activity (driving, jogging, skiing, etc.).

Project: Resume Kings Resume Processor
Team: Resume Kings
Sponsored By: Sogeti
The project is a cloud-based mobile application that allows a company to register a job
applicant’s personal information, including pictures of the applicant and a resume. The employer of a company using the application is able to comment and write over the resume to point out parts of the resume that they feel is important to them, as well as take notes on the applicant.

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