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ESRC 50th Anniversary Event

Saturday, March 10, 2018

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(February 2018 Update)

The March 10th ESRC 50th Anniversary Celebration’s afternoon and evening activities will be conducted in the Maverick Activities Center (MAC) located on the UTA campus (maps and parking details provided at the UTA parking link below).  We have reserved an area on the 2nd floor of the MAC for these activities. The dress for all activities is business casual.

The registration table for the ESRC50 event will be located on the 2nd floor of the MAC and will be open from 2:00 to 9:00 PM.  When you enter the MAC check-in at the building access control desk (located at the first floor front entry on Nedderman Drive) for directions.

The afternoon activities will be hosted by Dr. Shoults.  Please check-in at the event registration desk beginning at 2:00 PM.  The afternoon session program will begin at 2:30 with opening remarks. The afternoon session will conclude by 5:00 PM (all times are local). This part of the celebration is structured as an interactive session.  A series of roughly 15 minute sessions covering the history of the ESRC from its beginning in 1968 and moving forward decade by decade through the 60 – 70’s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s to the current decade’s (2010s) activities. Drs. Shoults and Lee will, prior to the session, ask specific attendees to serve as facilitators for each decade.  Attendees are asked to share their experiences at the ESRC along with their thoughts regarding the impact of the experience in their professional careers. During the Decade Group Presentations spoken remarks, brief formal presentations including photos and other media materials as selected by the attendees, will all be welcome. A Computer and video projector will be available on site. Please bring your presentation or information to share on an USB drive.  Contact Dr. Shoults with your questions or suggestions about the structure for the afternoon’s activities.

The Celebration’s evening activities will begin at 6:00 PM, in the MAC with a complementary sit-down dinner followed by a formal program (beginning around 7:00).  The evening’s activities will adjourn by 9:00 PM.  Please use the link below to indicate your Dinner Entrée preferences.  The program will include remarks by our guest of honor, Mo Sheng Chen and presentations/remarks by Dr. Lee and other distinguished guests. 

Please use the following links to access lodging, UTA parking and location information, dinner preferences, and registration information:

  • Form to Submit the Information Now
    Please use this form to indicate or update your attendance preference (Yes/No) and the Number/Names of your parties’ guests. Even if you are not able to attend, please indicate the year (e.g. 1998) or range of years of your association with the ESRC or the Power Systems Short Course and submit the form.If you previously submitted this form and no update is required, it is not necessary to do so again.
  • Dinner Entrée
    Please select the dinner entrée of your choice for yourself and each guest. This information will assure the availability of your selected entrée.
  • UTA Parking Information and MAC Location
    Here you will see the location of the UTA parking areas that have been reserved for ESRC50 on a come & go basis. You must use the designated parking locations indicated here and shown on the link’s Map. The location of the MAC is also indicated on this Map. You will be asked to register your vehicle’s Make, Style, Color and License Number. You may register your vehicle ahead of time; however, we can do this for you on March 10th at the ESRC50 registration table. Please provide the required vehicle information for your personal or rental vehicle at registration to accommodate our data entry. There will be signage along UTA Boulevard and West Nedderman Drive and at the West Parking Garage entrances advertising the ESRC50 event.
  • Lodging
    Lodging arrangements are the responsibility of attendees. Here you will see a list of Hotel/Motel properties and their proximity to the UTA Campus.

Please address questions to any of the following:
Dr. W.J. Lee, Professor and Director, ESRC (
Dr. R. Shoults, Emeritus Professor (
Dr. R. Spangler, Adjunct Professor (

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