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Materials Science Professor Receives Specialized Funding from SRC

February 24, 2004

Choong-Un Kim, a professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Arlington, has received a customized funding grant from the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), the world's premier university research management consortium. The grant will provide funding for Dr. Kim’s investigations into the structural and chemical stability of the diffusion barrier and its impact on low-k/Cu integration reliability.

One of the main challenges in microelectronics is to integrate copper (Cu) with materials with a low dielectric constant (k) in their interconnect structure. Insulators used for microelectronics need to have low-k value for higher performance. To achieve successful integration and desired reliability, it is essential to place interfacing materials of nanometer scale in between Cu and the dielectric materials. The results of Dr. Kim’s research will provide guidance to the microelectronics industry in developing technologies necessary for future generation microelectronics devices.

The SRC is a consortium of 10 semiconductor manufacturers, plus another 16 semiconductor-related companies, organizations and institutes. Since it was established in 1982, the SRC has funded more than $500 million in long-term semiconductor research contracts.

Its Research Customization Program is designed to allow eligible members to directly select a few university projects that are of particular interest to that member. Dr. Kim’s project was selected for funding by Texas Instruments and he will mentored by a Texas Instruments engineer.

The grant will provide Dr. Kim $50,000 a year for three years.