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News Archive 2001 - 2010

Middle School Students Selected for Robotics Summer Program

June 23, 2004

Five students from the Oakridge School in Arlington will be getting a hands-on exposure to robotics this summer as they participate in a special program at The University of Texas at Arlington’s Automation & Robotics Research Institute (ARRI) in Fort Worth. The students will spend four weeks at ARRI working on robotics, basic computer programming and manufacturing automation.

Melissa Grubb, head of the middle school at Oakridge, said that the students were selected to participate in the program because of their superior academic achievements. “This is a fabulous opportunity for children interested in science and mathematics,” said Ms. Grubb. “The students gain valuable knowledge and experience in a college atmosphere while still in middle school.”

Professor Frank L. Lewis, associate director and Moncrief-O’Donnell Chair at ARRI, is coordinating the students’ activities and will lend a hand in their projects. The student will work either on building and programming mobile robots or on workcell robot control. Mobile robots rove about a building or warehouse on patrol for intruders, chemical leaks or fire; workcell robots do repetitive and/or hazardous assembly work in industry. “This program is an excellent way to learn about engineering and robotics, develop system design and computer skills, and work together as a team,” said Dr. Lewis.

The students will receive a small cash award for being selected for the program. At the conclusion of their summer session at ARRI, students will prepare a resume detailing their professional development.

The National Science Foundation supports this summer program, designed to enhance science, technology and mathematics education and further students’ interests in technical studies and careers.