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Student Design/Build/Fly Team Wins Lockheed Martin Support

May 10, 2005

UTA Aerospace Engineering students recently returned from Maryland, where they participated in the national Design/Build/Fly competition sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Student teams designed, fabricated and demonstrated the flight capabilities of an unmanned, electric-powered, radio-controlled aircraft that could best meet design and payload specifications and an aerial mission.

UTA’s team placed 20th out of a field of 53 U.S. and international university teams; a good showing after competing in only four of these events. Faculty advisor Professor Don Seath said that finishing above most of their competitors wasn’t the only benefit of their participation. He believes it’s also important for students to work with other students and being exposed to other design ideas created by teams from other universities.

The Design/Build/Fly team is partially supported by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. Larry W. Stephens, director of Systems Engineering at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, came to the campus to personally deliver a check for $1,000 to the team and examine their aircraft. “At Lockheed Martin, we see real value in student projects,” said Stephens. “When students participate in projects such as the Design/Build/Fly competition, they begin applying what they learn in the classroom to real world problems and environments. And they learn the interpersonal skills associated with working together as a team. Those are big advantages when they begin their careers in industry.”

Stephens is an alumnus of UTA, having received his BSAE in December of 1972 and his MSAE in May of 1979.

UTA’s Design/Build/Fly team consists of Hamed Agahi, Duyvinh Bui, Aaron Cain, Robert Carroll, William Christin, Susan Dalrymple-Ely, Jon-Paul Eisenring, Marvin Hipolito, Michael Kostyniak, Jolanta Matusewicz, Luke McKool, Aya Mihara, Enrico Pianori, Linda Phonarath, Eric Saavedra, Veerayut Sethi and Brandon Shippey.