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News Archive 2001 - 2010

UTA, Mayo Clinic, Iowa State Collaborate on Medical Technology Research

September 6, 2005

University of Texas at Arlington Computer Science & Engineering Professor JungHwan Oh is the lead investigator on a three-year, $579,000 grant funded by the National Science Foundation to develop new hardware and software to produce and analyze digital endoscopy videos. The grant sponsors collaborative research with the Mayo Clinic and Iowa State University to develop an Endoscopic Multimedia Information System to capture high-quality endoscopy videos, analyze the captured videos and provide efficient access of their content to medical providers.

While endoscopic examinations are in wide use, many are not systematically recorded for real-time or post-procedure reviews and analysis. The system under development will provide physicians and researchers with more detailed and useful information. For example, unimportant information such as blurred images will automatically be discarded, shortening the review process. Another feature will gauge colors and textures to automatically identify and “tag” lesions or polpys, targeting sections that are of the most importance to the viewer.

“Current examinations often result in a high missed-detection rate,” said Dr. Oh. “By eliminating images of low interest and targeting those of high interest, the new system should bring about an increased confidence in all forms of endoscopic examinations. An additional teaching benefit to the medical profession will be a large and an easily-accessible database of images, allowing physicians, researchers and students to view videos captured in hospitals and clinics across the nation.”

The grant provides $203,000 for research by Dr. Oh and others at UTA.