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EE Professor Rao Co-authors Book on Multimedia Communications

February 1, 2006

A new textbook co-authored by University of Texas at Arlington Electrical Engineering Professor K. R. Rao has just been released by John Wiley & Sons. Titled “Introduction to Multimedia Communications: Applications, Middleware, Networking,” the book outlines the technology and skills needed to design integrated multimedia systems that combine text, graphics, audio and video.

Dr. Rao’s co-authors are Zoran Bojkovic and Dragorad Milovanovic of the University of Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro. He met Dr. Bojkovic during several international conferences in Europe and the Pacific Rim. On his invitation, Dr. Bojkovic visited UT-Arlington as a research scholar. Mr. Milovanovic is Dr. Bojkovic’s doctoral student and has contributed significantly in completing this book.

The book is designed for graduate-level electrical engineering, computer science and information technology students, as well as practicing engineers and scientists who are involved in the study, research, development and management of multimedia communication systems. According to promotional materials for the book, “The authors draw from the latest developments in multimedia communications, providing a unique balance between the theory, standardization activities, and best design techniques for content creation and management.”

Major sections of the book center on consumer applications (Internet services, broadcasting, information technology, and home electronics); international standards (ITU-T, MEDIACOM 2004, and MPEG-21); and operation applications (multimedia, conversion and media-streaming middleware, network performance, and traffic analysis and management).

In a related item, the new book "Thermoelectrics Handbook: Macro to Nano" describes Dr. Rao's contributions to organizing the first short course on thermoelectrics in 1970 and his subsequent founding of the International Conference on Thermoelectric Energy Conversion, held biannually at UT-Arlington from 1977 through 1988, when it merged with its European counterpart.