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Chakravarthy Receives $275K Grant for Stream/Event Data Processing

March 9, 2006

Computer Science & Engineering Professor Sharma Chakravarthy has received a three-year grant from the National Science Foundation to create a program to integrate the processing of different kinds of information.

The pervasive use of computers to monitor and control daily activities has led to a potential overload of information to be evaluated. These applications generate large volumes of data that need to be processed in a timely manner and many times appropriate actions need to be taken in response. These might include sensor applications that monitor fire hazards in a building, traffic incidents on a highway and the movement of hazardous cargo.

Currently, these applications cannot be handled readily by either stream processing (techniques for processing sensor and stream data to correlate and compute aggregates) or event processing (techniques that process simple events and compose them to form interesting higher level events). For example, detection of potential fire is a higher-level event, and the process of inferring fire may be based on several temperature sensors in close proximity and the presence of smoke as well.

The goal of this project, called “MavEStream: Synergistic Integration of Stream and Event Processing,” is to facilitate a synergistic integration of stream processing with event processing to meet the needs of new class of applications (e.g., intelligent home monitoring, incident monitoring on highways). Dr. Chakravarthy proposes several novel approaches that have far reaching implications for a number of applications (e.g., environmental monitoring, RFID-based applications).

Dr. Chakravarthy and his associates will disseminate results of this project via the project web site: