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Grad Student Taking Engineering Courses While Working in Europe

May 1, 2006

Jenish Gheewala is serious about earning a master’s degree in electrical engineering at The University of Texas at Arlington College of Engineering. He’s enrolled in three courses this semester, and he’s completing his course assignments while working a standard 41-hour week in Basel, Switzerland.

Gheewala works as an intern in the research department for Flowtec, A.G., a manufacturer of flowmeters. His work takes him to several locations in Europe, so being able to access his courses anywhere, anytime via the Internet is a big advantage to his studies.

“I had completed some credit hours as an on-campus student at UT Arlington, so it was easy for me to transition to distance education courses,” said Gheewala. “It’s a great option offered by the college. When I saw there were courses I could take and remain at my job, I knew it was right for me.”

In addition to time spent on the job and his UT Arlington courses, Gheewala is also taking German lessons to improve his communications with fellow employees and customers. “I have about two semesters to go for my degree. It’s tough sometimes, but know I’m not going to give up now.”