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Education Board Approves Engineering Department Name Change

January 31, 2008

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering in The University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Engineering has changed its name to the Department of Civil Engineering to more accurately reflect the current status of the department. “The change will allow the department to be recognized as one where all areas of civil engineering are represented and valued equitably,” said Dr. Nur Yazdani, professor and chair of the department.

When the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering was first created, its name was chosen to identify the department as the host of the environmental engineering area, a practice common in civil engineering departments across the country. At that time, there was hope of eventually establishing a separate program in addition to civil engineering.

An example of the interdisciplinary nature of environmental studies is the recent announcement by the Midwest Section of the Texas chapter of the American Planning Association. The association presented its Student Project Award to a multidisciplinary team of UT Arlington graduate students for their work on how to reduce the environmental effects of a major roadway project in Fort Worth. The team included students majoring in civil engineering, environmental & earth science, city & regional planning, and geology.

Dr. Yazdani stated that there will be no effect on the classes, distribution of personnel, or availability of equipment or facilities as a result of the name change.