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Two Materials Science Submissions Tie for “Best Paper” Award

March 27, 2008

In an unusual occurrence, papers submitted by two University of Texas at Arlington Materials Science and Engineering graduate students tied for the Best Paper Award presented at the 2008 meeting of TMS, the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, one of the largest and most recognized societies in Materials Science and Engineering. Both papers dealt with the development of ultra-small devices.

Hong-Wen Huang’s paper was titled “Large-scale Placement of Single Nanoparticles with Nanoscale Precision.” Future nanoscale devices and sensors that utilize nanoparticles as their building blocks require techniques that enable the precise placement of nanoparticles on targeted substrate locations. Huang’s study demonstrated that single nanoparticles can be placed on desired substrate locations with nanometer-scale precision. Furthermore, his study showed that the nanoparticle placement can be carried out over a large area in parallel processing, which is a significant step toward practical fabrication of nanoparticle-based devices and sensors.

Vishva Ray’s paper was titled “Large-scale Fabrication of Single Electron Devices.” Single-electron devices are being investigated as important elements for future electronic devices. One of the major obstacles against their implementation, however, has been the lack of techniques to reliably define the nanoscale device structure over a large area. Ray’s study demonstrated the feasibility that single-electron devices can be fabricated on a large scale using existing complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)-compatible processes and materials. This simplicity and CMOS compatibility may lead to practical fabrication of integrated systems of single-electron devices.

Dr. Seong Jin Koh, who supervises the two Ph.D. students, praised their accomplishment, saying “Their awards are significant because it demonstrates that their studies have been recognized and highly regarded by peers in the international society, significantly enhancing the reputations of everyone connected with UT Arlington’s Materials Science and Engineering Department.”