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News Archive 2001 - 2010

Computer Science Professor Receives Outstanding Educator Award

April 30, 2009

Professor Sajal K. Das of the Computer Science & Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Arlington has been named the Outstanding Engineering Educator for 2008 for Region 5 of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The award is given to an IEEE member who has performed in an outstanding manner in the field of engineering education.

Region 5 of the IEEE encompasses Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and parts of Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. Scott Atkinson, chair of the Region 5 Awards Committee said “The contest for Outstanding Engineering Educator Award for 2008 was the most competitive award category that I have seen in years.”

Award nomination forms had a space to list a nominee’s accomplishments; Dr. Das’ filled three pages, including these selected few: • IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award for pioneering contributions in Sensor Networks, 2009 • Lockheed Martin Excellence in Teaching Award, UT Arlington, 2009 • Program Director, National Science Foundation’s Division of Computer and Network Systems, since 2008 • E.T.S. Shelton Professor Award, Science Foundation of Ireland, 2008 • IEEE Fort Worth Section Engineer of the Year, 2007 • UT Arlington Academy of Distinguished Scholars, 2006 • University Distinguished Record of Research, UT Arlington, 2005 • UT Arlington College of Engineering Outstanding Research Award, 2003.

Letters supporting his nomination identified Dr. Das as “... a world leader in the fields of mobile and pervasive computing, wireless and sensor networking, and distributed and grid computing” and noted his extensive record of publications, his seven U.S. patents and his rich theoretical concepts and their innovative applications to complex real-life problems.

Dr. Das has been with UT Arlington since 1999 and is the founding director of the Center for Research in Wireless Mobility and Networking (CReWMaN).

“I'm humbled to receive this prestigious award,” said Dr. Das. “My sincere thanks to the nominators from the Fort Worth Section as well as the IEEE Region 5 Awards Selection Committee. I also owe a lot to my family, my students and colleagues for their support and fine collaborations - they make me a proud winner.”