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News Archive 2001 - 2010

UTA Engineering to Host State-wide Conference on Nanotechnology

September 13, 2002

Engineers and scientists at universities and commercial research centers across Texas will gather on The University of Texas at Arlington campus on Saturday, September 28 to be brought up-to-date on current developments in nanotechnology and solid-state electronics.

The session is part of an ongoing series of informative programs called Texas Systems Day, helping to increase knowledge within and cooperative activities among commercial and academic researchers investigating advances in telecommunications, controls and devices. Drs. Soontorn Oraintara, Vasant Prabhu and Meng Tao, all with the Electrical Engineering Department in the College of Engineering, are coordinating the UTA event.

The organizers have scheduled presentations by some of the leading nanotechnology researchers in Texas, including:

  • Professor Zeynep Celik-Butler of UT-Arlington – “Noise Modeling in Nanoscale Devices”
  • Professor Ray Baughman of UT-Dallas – “Carbon Nanotubes for Fun and Profit: Tiny Muscles, Noses, Capacitors, and Power Generators”
  • Professor J. B. Lee of UT-Dallas – “Micromachined, On-Chip Passive Components for Wireless Communication Applications”
  • Professor Robert Wallace of UNT – “Critical Materials Issues for CMOS Transistor Scaling”
  • Dr. Howard Huff of International SEMATECH – “Integrated Electronics: From Conventional CMOS to Nanoscale Technologies”

Details on the location and reservation information may be found at this year’s event web site: