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New Institute Promotes Sharing of Knowledge, Ideas, Resources

March 7, 2003

Is it possible to determine the temperature of something so hot it would melt a probe, or design a more efficient turbine blade or aircraft wing? Those are some of the things that will be investigated at the Multidisciplinary Analysis, Inverse Design and Optimization (MAIDO) Institute, created and directed by Professor George S. Dulikravich of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

MAIDO will provide an independent, secure and adequate computing environment for diverse large-scale simulation projects involving several engineering disciplines such as fluid dynamics, heat transfer, elasticity and electro-magnetics. “Modern technologies frequently involve the applications of several engineering and science disciplines,” said Dulikravich. “That’s why I wanted to bring together colleagues into one entity - to facilitate the communications of different ideas and share resources.” More than 20 faculty members within UTA will be joined by six from overseas, who will make periodic visits for special projects.

There are several additional advantages to creating such an “umbrella” organization: it allows funding agencies to deal with a single unit rather than several individual offices, it helps to develop a cooperative team approach to problem solving, it opens new ways to take advantage of block grants, and should attract better qualified students to UTA because of increased national recognition of capabilities here.

“Our aim is to make things better, cheaper, more reliable,” added Dulikravich. To do that, he has secured more than $600,000 from the Department of Energy and the Army Research Office to begin the first projects at MAIDO. “This is only the beginning, because there is an exploding interest in inverse methods of product development.”

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