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News Archive 2001 - 2010

Engineering Students Win Excellence Award

April 4, 2003

Four engineering students won recognition for their research presentations during UTA’s Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES).

Art Braden, another biomedical engineering Ph.D. student, won third place in the Graduate category for his oral presentation, "Formulation of a Lysosomally-cleavable Polymeric Drug Delivery System for the Release of Fragile Biologically Active Agents."

Also in the Graduate category, Shalini Gillella, a mechanical and aerospace engineering student, received the Dean's Award for an oral presentation, "Analysis of Membrane Deflection of a MEMS Micro-Pump with and without a Membrane Pillar".

In the Undergraduate category, computer science and engineering senior Farhan Khawaja received second place for an oral presentation, "Faster Convergence Using Knowledge of the Reward Structure." Another computer science student, Soumya Das Bhaumik, won the Dean's Award for "Implementation of Location Tracking in Smart Homes"

Kim's winning poster, titled Breast Tumor Hemodynamics Model & Applications, showed his processes in confirming his theories on how to predict a tumor’s response to different treatments – chemical, radiation and photodynamic. Tumors can be treated more efficiently if oxygen inside the tumors is adequate; the amount of blood flowing within a tumor greatly affects its response to therapy. For instance, an area with few vessels responds poorly to chemotherapy. Kim used several sensors in a variety of tumors to detect effects of various levels of oxygen so that the outcome of the therapy can be better predicted.