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Engineering Student Wins National Science Foundation Fellowship

April 17, 2003

Natalya Dallas, a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in electrical engineering, has been selected to receive one of the National Science Foundation’s prestigious Graduate Research Fellowships for 2003. She was one of only 900 students in the nation to be chosen from among 7,788 applicants in this highly competitive, merit-based program.

NSF Graduate Fellowships are intended for exceptional individuals in the early stages of their graduate studies. The Fellowship is for a three-year period and carries a stipend of $27,500 per year, plus $10,500 paid to the University in lieu of tuition and fees. She has five years to utilize the funds. Dallas, who is researching non-linear optical materials and devices, expects to receive her master’s degree in May of 2004 and will use the Fellowship to fund her studies toward a doctoral degree.

Ms. Dallas credits her research group and her advisor, Dr. Theresa Maldonado, for much of her success in receiving the Fellowship. "They were great, very supportive," said Dallas. "I couldn’t have won without them." Maldonado, associate vice president for research at UTA and professor of electrical engineering, considers Dallas an outstanding student who justly deserves the Fellowship. "I expect Natalya will do great work in her research," Maldonado stated. "I consider her to be the best student I have advised over my 12-year career as a professor."

Ms. Dallas arrived in Texas eight years ago from Russia and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at UTA in 2002. She had studied mathematics and physics at a university in Russia. "My father is a physicist, so I was naturally motivated to a scientific field," she said. Dallas plans to remain in academia once she receives her doctoral degree, to teach and conduct research, something she says she loves to do.