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Early Computers and Parts Needed for Developing Museum at UTA

August 14, 2003

Faculty members of the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department at The University of Texas at Arlington are searching for items to enlarge their collection of early computing systems and parts. They hope to secure enough equipment and software to establish a permanent exhibit open to the public.

“Texas has a rich history of computer development,” said Gil Carrick, a CSE instructor and the future museum’s director. “Texas Instruments developed the first integrated circuits and a personal computer, Tandy Radio Shack brought out several models of computers, Compaq had one of the first portable computers and Dell is a world leader in personal computers. So we thought it was appropriate that a museum be located here.”

The CSE group has already secured items such as a hand-wired magnetic core memory plane from the 1960’s and a Four-Phase Systems memory board from the 1970’s. Initially, however, the group plans to concentrate on personal systems and components, since more of these are in individuals’ possession.

“We don’t have funds to acquire items, so everything will have to be donated,” added Carrick. “If you have something at least 15 years old or that represents some notable event in the industry, please send us an email. We’ll be happy to pick it up if we can use it.”

More information on desired items for the museum and the group’s long- and short-term goals may be found at The Museum. To offer donations, email