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NanoFab Earns Impressive Cleanroom Rating

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Over the past few years, faculty, students and staff at the Nanotechnology Research and Teaching Facility (NanoFab) have been hard at work implementing many new protocols that have significantly improved their cleanroom environment. The new processes, in conjunction with some house keeping efforts, have earned the team a very impressive upgrade.

Originally, the facility's cleanroom was certified as a class 10,000, but after a recertification inspection the room was upgraded to a class 100. Certifications and rating numbers are based on the amount of particle contamination in the manufacturing environment, and according to the Federal Standard 209E Cleanroom Standards, a class 100 rating corresponds to a maximum density of particles of 100 half-micron sized particles per cubic foot of air. As a reference point, the air in an ordinary room is approximately a class 1,000,000.

UT Arlington's NanoFab center is the only academic user facility in North Texas with a class 100 cleanroom.