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Research by Iqbal and Teams Featured in Journals

Thursday, June 7, 2012


The research of Samir Iqbal, an electrical engineer specializing in nanotechnology, and his colleagues was featured on the cover of Lab On a Chip journal. The research focuses on building solid-state micropores and using them to get direct information about cell populations. Cancer cells are detected from their distinct behavior using this system. The research is part of Iqbal's Early Career National Science Foundation grant. The research is interdisciplinary and includes Young-Tae Kim from Bioengineering and Robert Bachoo, MD, from UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Iqbal and a different team of researchers also had work featured on the cover of IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology's May 2012 issue. The paper was titled "PLGA Micro and Nanoparticles Loaded into Gelatin Scaffold for Controlled Drug Release." The team included Waseem Asghar (Nanofab), Muhymin Islam (Electrical Engineering student), Aniket S. Wadajkar (Bioengineering), Yuan Wan (Biomedical Engineering student), Azhar Ilyas and Kytai T. Nguyen (Biomedical engineering).