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How Do We Supply the World's Energy Needs?

Monday, April 22, 2013

The world's energy sources are rapidly shrinking amid greater demand, and only one source has the potential to be a lasting, sustainable solution, said Dr. Derek Abbott during a lecture at UT Arlington April 8.

Humans use 15 terawatts of energy each year, much of which comes from electricity, gas, and petroleum. Put in perspective, if each of earth's 5 billion people each drove a car for one hour each day, it would take 10 terawatts of energy.


Abbott discussed several options for sustainable power to address our power needs into the future, including nuclear fission, hydroelectric, wind, nuclear fusion, and solar energy. As shown in the video, he discussed pros and cons for each, and concluded with a recommendation.

"It's our job as engineers to try and get the message out there and express it very, very simply" that there is an economical, efficient solution to earth’s energy issues, he said.