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Poll Indicates Learning and Jobs are Most Important to Students

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Learning in and out of the classroom and workplace preparation and job placement are the areas that UTA engineering students are most concerned about, according to a poll taken at Dean Jean-Pierre Bardet’s student forum April 10.

"It is very important to me that I have opportunities to talk to students. They are the reason we are here, and I want to know where we are doing well, and where we need improvement,” the dean said. “We have excellent students here, and we are committed to helping them achieve great success in whatever they do."

The poll, which will be used in the College’s Balanced Scorecard report, measured the importance to students of five areas (quality of classroom education, opportunities to learn outside the classroom, workplace preparation and job placement, graduate work preparation, and spirit of community/enjoyment of educational experience), then asked for their level of satisfaction in the same five areas.

Students felt most strongly about the quality of classroom education, with 81 percent of students indicating that it was the most important quality for them.  Students reported their highest satisfaction in quality of classroom education, opportunities to learn outside the classroom, and spirit of community.

In the open conversation following the poll, Dean Bardet addressed student concerns that focused mainly on jobs and course offerings.  Students indicated that they want to see more job fairs and opportunities to interact with a large number of companies to have the best chance of landing a job after graduation. Several graduate students expressed concern that courses they need for graduation are offered too infrequently, and there were also questions about teaching assistant positions and how they are distributed throughout the College.

The next dean's student forum will be held during the fall semester.