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FSAE Team Finishes Second at Solo Nationals

Thursday, September 5, 2013

UTA's Formula SAE team had a strong showing, finishing second behind the University of Kansas at Solo Nationals.
UTA's FSAE race car featuring
Billed as the world's largest motorsports competition, Solo Nationals features two courses, 1200 drivers and more than 7,000 runs.

"We evidently attracted a lot of interest not only in our beautiful, well-built car, but the fact that it had "active aero" wings that opened their flaps in a straightaway and closed in a turn. The flaps are controlled by a computer and require no input from the driver," said Dr. Bob Woods, the team's faculty advisor.

UTA has competed in Formula SAE for 33 years and has eight national championships and three international victories to show for it. UTA Racing relies on a completely voluntary team of students from all majors and any classification. Once the students gain experience and an idea of what area of the car to work on, they undertake specific systems of the car. In 2011, the team fielded a hybrid car, and in 2014 UTA will take the track in an electric vehicle.