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College Welcomes Alumni for Homecoming

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The College of Engineering will welcome alumni back to campus for the University's annual Homecoming from November 15-16. An all-alumni reception, 50-year reunion, and displays from current students and student organizations will showcase all of the exciting changes happening in the College. The schedule follows.'


Friday, November 15
Reception, 3-4 pm
Nedderman Hall Atrium

  • All alumni are welcome to join the College of Engineering for a reception in the Nedderman Hall Atrium. Current students will showcase their projects, and cake and punch will be served.

Saturday, November 16
Open House, 10 am-Noon
Nedderman Hall Atrium

  • The Student Poster Session will continue, and student organizations will have displays as well. 
  • Researchers from the UT Arlington Research Institute will be here to demonstrate their robot.
  • Several of our engineering labs will be open for tours:

    Laboratory of Regenerative Neurobiology (Engineering Research Building, Room 276)
    Dr. Mario Romero-Ortega

    This lab concentrates on the long-term goal of uncovering the molecular basis of neurite growth, axon guidance and target recognition, both during development and after injury. Specific projects in his lab are focused in three areas 1) spinal cord injury monitoring and neuroprotection, 2) peripheral nerve gap injury repair, and 3) regenerative peripheral neurointerfaces.

    Civil Engineering
    Soil Mechanics Laboratory (Nedderman Hall, Rooms B19/B20)
    Dr. Anand Puppala

    Laboratory characterization on subsoils to study their swell and strength properties. These properties are used for civil infrastructure design.

    Computer Science & Engineering
    Heracleia Lab (Engineering Research Building, Room 313)
    Dr. Fillia Makedon

    The Heracleia Human Centered Computing Lab specializes in building ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES to improve the quality of life of persons with  different disabilities including, dementia, cerebral palsy, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, sleep disorders, and other conditions.

    Electrical Engineering
    NEXT GEN Systems Group Laboratory (Nedderman Hall, Room 250)
    Dr. Dan Popa

    The NGS Group conducts research on the Next Generation Microsystems and Robots that are increasingly small, cheap, integrated, and networked.

    Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
    RFID Lab (Woolf Hall, Room 411)
    AutoID Lab (Engineering Lab Building, Room 309)
    Dr. Erick Jones

    The Radio Frequency and Auto-Identification (RAID) Labs, which boasts 20 students, 50% of which are undergraduate students, provides new age research which automates invisible barcodes for modern world usage such as smart boxes that tell truck drivers that they are lost to smart pill bottles that can tell elderly populations when their last pill was taken, are just some of the innovations that are accomplished in this research lab.

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Formula SAE Workshop/Lab (Woolf Hall, Room 121)
    Dr. Bob Woods

    UT Arlington College of Engineering’s Formula SAE team is in its 32nd year and has won eight national and three international titles. Formula SAE is a worldwide engineering competition sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

    Materials Science and Engineering
    Characterization Center for Materials and Biology (Engineering Lab Building, Room 104A)
    Dr. Efstathios (Stathis) Meletis

    This lab uses a variety of state-of-the-art equipment that allows researchers to study and characterize the microstructure and structure of materials.

50-Year Luncheon, Noon – 1:30 pm
ERB 228

  • Come reminisce with fellow College of Engineering graduates and their significant others, current and retired faculty, our Board of Advisors and some of our current students.