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Kai-Shing Yeung Named Professor Emeritus

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kai-Shing Yeung, a former professor and associate chair of the Electrical Engineering Department, was named Professor Emeritus at the University’s annual Fall Meeting of the Faculty andKai-Shing Yeung Associates.

Emeritus titles recognize retired faculty members who have served The University of Texas at Arlington with particular distinction and honor.

“Dr. Yeung was clearly an expert in his field and a scholar. He was genuine as a colleague and always sought to contribute to the betterment of the department and college,” said department chair Jonathan Bredow.

Yeung joined the department in 1983 after working as a lecturer in electronics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He made significant contributions to teaching methods in the area of controls and was highly regarded by students for his teaching, for the care and concern demonstrated for their well-being, and for their overall professional development. He served as Associate Chair for three years and as Undergraduate Advisor or Graduate Advisor for more than 10 years. He received the Electrical Engineering Teaching Award three times, the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Excellence in Teaching Award once, and was twice nominated by the College of Engineering for the University’s Academy of Distinguished Teachers.

He contributed nearly 60 refereed journal publications, made particularly noteworthy contributions to controller designs for manipulators and induction motors, and unified the design of sliding mode and classical controllers. He supervised to completion 16 Ph.D. students and 23 M.S. students. He retired in 2011.