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FSAE Team Competes in Nationals and Autocross

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

UTA’s Formula SAE team hosted the Texas Autocross July 11-13, competing against 9 other universities. One hundred drivers registered for the event, and the winner of the Saturday morning course was UTA’s Chris Moulckers, with a time of 49.209 and an average speed of 39.2 mph.  The next five places went to Texas A&M. 

The winner of the Saturday afternoon course was Jordon Musser an Texas A&M alumnus, with a time of 49.698 and an average speed of 31.7 mph.  The next four places also went to Texas A&M. 

“Moulckers didn’t get to run in the afternoon and was 0.8 seconds faster than Jordon’s time in the morning.  Moulckers also won the Sunday course with a time of 64.306 and an average speed of 38.1 mph.  Texas A&M did not compete on Sunday, and the next six places went to the University of New Mexico, UT Austin, and Kansas University,” said UTA mechanical engineering professor and FSAE advisor Bob Woods.

UTA finished 29th overall at the Solo Nationals in June in Nebraska. The team placed second in skid pad and autocross, but was not able to finish the endurance event due to fuel pump issues.

UTA FSAE has won eight national titles, plus championships in Japan, Australia, and England. Students build a car from the ground up each year and compete against competition from around the world. The squad was ranked fifth in the world in 2014.

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