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UTA-led iPerform Center Seeking Industry Partners

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fillia MakedonThe University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) has created a new National Science Foundation center under the auspices of the Industry/University Cooperative (I/UCRC) program. The center is led by Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Fillia Makedon.

The UTA-led center is called “iPerform”, as it focuses on assistive technologies to enhance human performance. It is a consortium with The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), where it is led by computer science professor Ovidiu Daescu. Several other universities are expected to join the center in the future.

iPerform is actively seeking industry partners who are interested in participating in exciting innovations that improve commercial productivity at the company level, as well as human performance in the workplace, and in daily life activities. iPerform, researchers are working on  computer-based methods to help people overcome physical, cognitive, and operational obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential or achieving best performance.

The center’s faculty leaders and student researchers are interested in collaborations with industry in areas that include device safety and innovation, cybersecurity, data analytics, training interfacers, diagnostic and rehabilitation systems, behavior monitoring, vocational safety and health, assistive robotics, and many other areas.

“There has never before been a systematic effort to research how assistive technologies can promote industrial innovation while stimulating new research in academia,” Makedon says. “However, beyond applications involving assistive technologies, center researchers can help industry add value to their products and services with a broad range of enabling technologies that include privacy, big data analytics, smart environments, industrial automation, and risk analysis.

Industry representatives  who are interested in becoming a partner in the iPerform center should contact Fillia Makedon at or the UTA Computer Science and Engineering Department Office at 817-272-3785.