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Student Teams Earn Multiple Awards at Hackathons

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Students from the Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering Departments have taken home top prizes lately in several “hackathons” across the state.

UTA students have won contests sponsored by the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, Verizon, and Texas A&M.

“We are very proud of our students successes in these scholarly competitions. Their hard work creativity and initiative reflect very well on our department, the College of Engineering, and the entire university,” said Hong Jiang, Wendell H. Nedderman Professor and Chair of the Computer Science and Engineering Department.

Students won a wide variety of categories and prizes in three competitions, including:

  • Karthikeyan Rajamani, Pranay Shirolkar, Omkar Joshi, Sahana Ravikumar, Vikas Sable, Srinivas Mahaveer Dutt Bavisetti and Arya Anand won first prize and $600 worth of coupons in Verizon’s Hack Day September 10.

    The team presented IntelliStore, IOT-based targeted ads and analytics aimed at converting consumers’ product interests into sales. Products being promoted in stores are attached to a sensortag programmed to broadcast the product's unique URL. The team built an Android app that scans for customer interaction with the sensortag, such as the customer picking up the product, then plays a promotional video for the product in response. After the ad, a tablet asks for the customer’s contact information and offers home delivery if ordered. At the end of the day the store receives analytics indicating the products of interest and trends.

  • Multiple teams won categories at the Texas A&M University Hackathon October 1-2. More than 600 participants in 78 teams from Texas and other universities from the southwestern United States competed. UTA’s awards were:

    Project: Tiresafe
    General Motors: Best “mobile” (auto) app – 1st place; Best use of Amazon Web Services
    Team Members: Deepak Verma, Karthikeyan Rajamani, Utphala Puttananjammagari, and Tasnim Makada

    The project was to nudge car drivers to change their tires on time with computer vision and machine learning, aiming to reduce accidents & lives lost.

    Project: Shotgun
    Awards: General Motors: Best “mobile” (auto) app – 2nd place; Best use of Amazon Web Services
    Team Members: Subin Babu, Jerrin Jacob Pollayparambil, Devendra Umbrajkar, Arpitha Anand

    The project is an app that acts as travel companion and helps with directions, car maintenance and a place to provide and request carpooling services.

    Project: Foodie
    Awards: Best use of any Google API; One of the top 10 hacks of the TAMU 2016 hackathon|
    Team Members: Shrikant Sarma Kakaraparthi, Sarabjeet Singh Gurnam Pulaha with others

    The project is an app that uses OCR technology to augment menus by scanning text and providing information such as images, country of origin of the dish and ingredients.

    Project: Safe Haven
    Awards: Best hack against online harassment
    Team Member: Devi Prasad Tripathy

    When a user hits the danger button an emergency SMS is sent to his/her emergency contact number with a google map URL of his/her location. The app will then start recording video and audio of that situation and will shut down the screen after 5 seconds of video recording.

    Project: Twitter Fantasy League
    Awards: One of the top 10 hacks of the TAMU 2016 hackathon
    Team Members: Ganeshbabu Thavasimuthu with others

    The project is a Twitter-based multiplayer game. Users can login to the mobile app and play with opponents anywhere in the world.

  • A collaborative team of CSE and Electrical Engineering students won Best Overall and a $1000 prize at the 21-hour SASEhack 2016, sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton and SASE, October 15. A second team won the Best Scalability prize (and $250). SASEhack featured 100 teams.

    Project: Charity Coins
    Award: Best Overall
    Team Members: Ryan Rogers (CSE), David Theodore (EE), Sam Smithers (EE), and Southern Methodist University Chance Rose

    The team created a functioning prototype for Charity Coins, an open-source, drop-in solution for non-profits to embed in their webpages allowing visitors to opt-in to mine bitcoins in their browser with GPU-acceleration via JavaScript's WebGL. Following the theme of Social Impact, Charity Coins gives nonprofits access to much needed income from any person visiting their website who opts-in, including many who previously did not have a means to contribute.

    Project: GIVE4PRIDE
    Award: Best Scalability
    Team Members: Arjun Vekariya, Mayur Muralidhar, Jai Shah,Aman Nagar, Jay Shah

    Following the motto, “One man’s trash is the next man’s treasure”, the team created an android application to bring NGOs and donors from all over the world to a common platform so they can donate materials to the needy and share their love. The app is like Ebay or Amazon for free goods. By addressing the challenge of social reform and hitting the large audience to rebuild the broken bridge of humanity among humans, the app provides a platform to help both those who are in need and those who want an easy and effective way to help others.