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Makeev, Colleagues Earn AHS Best Paper Award

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Researchers in UTA’s College of Engineering earned the best paper award in structures and materials at the 73rd American Helicopter Society Forum in Fort Worth May 9-11.

Andrew MakeevUTA aerospace engineers Andrew Makeev, Yuri Nikishov and Guillaume Seon, and Dean Nguyen of the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, were honored for their paper, entitled, “Progressive Fatigue Damage Simulation in Composites based on Explicit Finite Element Formulation,” demonstrates the ability to predict ultimate strength and fatigue for advanced polymeric composite material systems.

“This recognition continues our momentum of high-quality work in rotorcraft composite materials and structures,” Makeev said. “Our collaboration with Sikorsky and our other partners in the National Rotorcraft Technology Center and Vertical Lift Consortium Program has led to game-changing discoveries.”

Advanced polymeric composites are playing a major role in designing high-performance and lightweight vertical lift structures. However, detection of uncertainties about residual strength and remaining life of the composite rotor and airframe structures have been time-consuming and expensive. Makeev’s Advanced Materials and Structures Lab have been successfully working to develop common processes that simplified test matrices to potentially allow substitution of resin types and other modifications of the material systems, which led to the simulation process outlined in the award paper. 

The Advanced Materials and Structures Lab has earned five other best paper awards at national and international conferences, including the Cheeseman Award at the 36th European Rotorcraft Forum, the first and only time that award was presented to authors based in the United States, American Helicopter Society Forum best papers in structures and materials in 2013, 2014 and 2016, and the American Society for Composites best paper award in 2013. AMSL’s research findings are also documented in more than 20 articles in the top refereed journals in the field and were highlighted in the Office of Naval Research Innovation Newsletter, Breakthrough Technologies.

The American Helicopter Society Annual Forum & Technology Display is world’s leading international technical event on vertical flight technology. More than 250 technical papers were submitted on disciplines from acoustics to unmanned systems. The Technology Display, running concurrent with the Forum, is the most extensive exposition of vertical flight technologies in the world. Leading manufacturers, service providers, defense agencies, universities and research and development organizations showcased the latest in vertical flight technology.