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UTARI Scientist Earns Leadership Award From SAMPE

Monday, July 1, 2019

Rassel Raihan, a research scientist at the Institute for Predictive Performance Methodologies at the UTA Research Institute, is a recipient of the Young Professionals Emerging Leadership Award from the Society of Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering, or SAMPE.

Rassel Raihan, UTARIRaihan works with IPPM director and National Academy of Engineering member Kenneth Reifsnider in performance prediction of advanced materials and bonded structures to reduce the cost of conception, development, and application of engineered materials and structures and the potential risks of using them in society.

“It’s an honor to receive the Young Professionals Emerging Leadership Award. SAMPE has encouraged me to do more research in the field of advanced materials and has helped me connect with industry and government leaders who are doing incredible research. Through these connections, I’m better able to see the direction the field is heading. This is leadership at work,” Raihan said.

Raihan was recognized in part because he has organized conference sessions, submitted technical papers and coordinated outreach activities for SAMPE’s annual conference for the last few years.

His research focuses on non-destructive evaluation of material state of composite materials and adhesively bonded structures – essentially two structures glued together – to find a way to use them so that people are confident that they won’t fail.

In many applications for these structures, such as aircraft manufacturing, manufacturers use adhesive bonds, then use rivets or bolts in addition to the adhesive to ensure that the bond will remain strong. Doing so adds weight and defeats the purpose of using lighter materials. Traditional ultrasound testing cannot identify a weak adhesion bonding in the adhesive bond, so Raihan is working to develop methods that can.

In addition, he is working to develop multifunctional composite materials that can be placed inside composite structures and harvest energy from vibrations, as well as provide information about the internal condition of the structure.

“This is indeed an outstanding award for Dr. Raihan. He has been very impressive in our laboratory accomplishing significant work that is helping us to better understand the behavior of composite materials and structures,” said Mickey McCabe, executive director at UTARI.

“This work is important to many companies including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, Airbus and many others in learning how to accurately predict failure in structures before it occurs. Dr. Raihan’s engagement in SAMPE as a presenter, session chair and student mentor is exceptional for a young professional and it is what precipitated his achievement.”

The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering is a global professional society that provides enhanced educational opportunities by delivering information on new and advanced materials and processing technology. The SAMPE North America Young Professionals Emerging Leadership Award recognizes the achievements of select young professionals who have demonstrated excellence in their field within the advanced materials and process engineering community for both technical excellence and outstanding service.